Guitar Chord - The Easiest Guitar Chord Ever

Working in an Emergency Department in any hospital in any country around the world there is normally some sort of crisis occurring. From car accidents, to gun shot wounds to deadly viruses our heroes stationed in these medical clinics offer professional care and medical expertise so we can live another day.

For these everyday heroes they need to relax after a days work and some of these medical experts choose to learn a musical instrument like a guitar. They know what a crisis is all about but they too are human. They want to learn the easiest guitar chord ever just like every normal human being. In fact for them learning a guitar chord is actually more important, their mind needs to escape more than most.

Is the easiest guitar chord, A, E, G, D or F? Is it easier to start with how to learn how to play A Chord or is it easier to play G chord? These questions fly around any newbieís mind when they begin taking guitar lessons. Most of the time we are impatient to learn. We always want our guitar lessons to get us that one step closer to our ultimate goal and that is to simply to play the guitar. The medical professional who has been on their feet all day, at the beck and call of all those emergencies wants nothing more than to sit down with a glass of a fine wine and play a relaxing melody. To learn a guitar chord that will take them to a place far, far way is more a need than a want.

Performing a surgery is all about hand eye coordination, oh and years of study. Learning to play a guitar chord is all about hand eye coordination in a similar way. Concentrating on where you need to place your fingers on the neck and how to strum takes mind control. It is bit like the tricks you used to do as kids where one hand moved one way and the other went the opposite way, it can be done you just have to keep wanting to play the perfect guitar chord.

So what can help us move from one easy guitar chord to another? Take a look at these helpful tips;

• Learn the critical steps to playing easy guitar chords. Start with one guitar chord, master that and the next one and the one after that will just get easier and easier
• Possess the dedication and perseverance to take you through one guitar lesson after another. We are lucky to have medical professionals at our finger tips, but everyone needs music and playing guitar is one of the best sounds of music that we all adore
• There are some amazing how-to guides and DVDís that take you through learning guitar chords step by step. They donít waste time, they focus on each guitar chord and they show you exactly how it is done. A lot easier than trying to learn with just a guitar chord book

No need to dial 911 when you figure out your own emergency plan to learn an easy guitar chord. Guitar chords make songs and we all need music playing in our ears and souls.


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