The Simplest Guitar Chords

Technically speaking, you could tune your guitar to a chord
and not fret any notes… Then you’d be playing a chord
with only one hand.

But ok, that’s just being too clever for our own good.

What’s the simplest chord we can play that actually
sounds good on a standard tuning guitar?

We can put one finger on the second fret of the
A string, and strum all 6 strings to get an Em7

Other simple chords are Em, G, D, C, and Am.

But if you probably also should learn how to
get in tune and know the names of the notes
and the strings before you even start learning
chords. That’s really important.

I recommend you grab my 17 page guide
to learning all this cool stuff. It’s available
on the home page of my website.

I’ll show you all these chords and how to put them into chord progressions.

Should I play electric or acoustic guitar?

So you’re an aspiring guitar playing and
you’re wondering whether you should
play acoustic or electric.

Heck, I say, play both!

But lets say for the sake of argument,
that you only want to just buy ONE
guitar to start with.

Well, they each have their advantages
and drawbacks.

The electric guitar is easier physically.
Because the strings are lighter, and
the action is lower (that means the
strings are closer to the fretboard),
it means you don’t have to press down
quite as hard with your fingers.

This is not only easier on your fingertips,
but also the muslces of your hand and

The only problem with the electric
is that you have to worry about your
amplifier – which one you should get
and how to set the knobs.

This makes it harder to get a nice sound
or TONE from your guitar.

The acoustic guitar, with its heavier
strings and higher action is going to
be physically a bit harder to play
but your tone is easier to manage.

In the end it doesn’t matter which one you
pick. The process for learning is exactly
the same.

Probably, you should pick whichever one
appeals to you the most and inspires you.

Whats the fastest way to play guitar?

The fastest, easiest way to play all your favorite
songs is, in my opinion, as follows:

First, you learn the basic chords. Chords
are the basic building blocks from which
all music is created.

Next, you learn to string a few chords
together into progressions. The key
to that is being able to switch your
fingers quickly enough that is sounds smooth.

And the third step, once you can play chord
progressions, is to play a complete song
based on 1 or more chord progressions
and a vocal melody.

I call this the “1-2-3” method and that’s
exactly what you’ll learn inside the
Ultimate Beginner Guitar course.

Of course, there’s a lot that goes into
each of these steps, but once you understand
that you can play hundreds or thousands of
songs from the same basic chords, you
have a firm grasp on how easy it really
can be to learn guitar.

2 big reasons why some people find guitar “difficult”

There’s a few reasons why some people have difficulty learning the guitar.
Probably the biggest reason is they don’t have the right teacher.
And without the right teacher, the student doesn’t have the right system.

It all starts by having the big picture, and understanding how music
and guitar actually works.

When you understand how things work, you are naturally confident
about the whole process.

If you’re starting out and confused, and trying to put bits and
pieces of information together, well, it’s going to be much harder.

The second reason why people find guitar difficult is they give
up too soon. There is a natural learning curve to everything.
Imagine you’re trying to learn to ride a bicycle and you keep
falling down. You’re going to say “Riding a bike is hard.”.

But once you learn how to ride the bike and not fall, it’s
not hard at all! It’s fun! It’s effortless. (almost)… And
you really never forget.

Same thing with learning to play tennis or ski, or waterski.

Once you get the BASIC SKILL SET into your body,
the rest is pretty much downhill and increasingly rewarding.

The same goes for guitar playing. You learn the basic
chords and how to switch between them quickly
and easily, and the rest is a joyride.